Be Unstoppable – a poem

Be Unstoppable

When the going gets tough 🌒
You don’t sit idle and just watch 🧐
You become unstoppable ⚡️🚀

When you fall down, you don’t wanna cry
Ok, its ok to cry
But when you get up, rise and shine 🌞
You become unstoppable ⚡️🚀

Decisions that turned out bad 🧭
Or timings that weren’t on your side 🕰
Try, try ‘n try again (such a cliche)
Who cares, at least you gave it a try
When you learn, ‘n repeat
You become unstoppable ⚡️🚀

Goals that you had from the last year 🗓
Still staring at you on the to-do list 📋
It could be you didn’t want them hard enough 💯
Or your priorities were not clear ❓
Stop, re-assess, re-focus, and re-prioritise
And if now you go for them with full force ⚡️
You become unstoppable ⚡️🚀

Some say it’s all written in the fate
But who says you can’t write your own fate ❓
Version by version 🎞
Write version one for the next year or two
Now not everything will go ahead as per your vision
But guess what, who cares
You re-assess and re-prioritise
When you write your version two for the next year or two
You become unstoppable ⚡️🚀

If it wasn’t for human ingenuity
Sapiens will still be living in the caves
When we learn, we grow ‘n break the moulds
What was not possible, we make it possible
Which was not acceptable due to ignorance and ancient norms
When we grow to accept and make it normal
We become unstoppable ⚡️🚀

May this new year
Be Unstoppable ⚡️🚀

– Sajid Khan Niazi