Zoom Video Meeting Tips for Small Businesses

Zoom Video Meeting Tips for Small Businesses. Use these tips to have a better Zoom video conferencing experience

If you are joining Zoom meetings from home, please follow these tips to ensure you have a good video conferencing experience with your colleagues.

  • Distracting apps: Close all other unnecessary apps that might bother you during a video call with your colleagues. You don’t want other notifications popping up constantly during the meeting.
  • Lighting: Make sure you have proper lighting in the room, so that your colleagues can see you properly in the video conference.
  • Background: Please make sure that you don’t have any distracting things in the background, as they can bother your colleagues. Also if you don’t want your colleagues to see your personal family photos or other stuff, make sure it is not visible in the background. Ideally, you would want to sit with your back to the wall, this way your background will be plain background.
  • Level your face with the video camera, so that your colleagues can see you properly.
  • Look at the camera when you are talking with your colleagues using Zoom. This way you will appear as making an eye contact with your colleagues. If you just look at your own picture in video, to others you will seem to be looking down at your keyboard (no eye contact)
  • Mute the mic when other people are talking. This way, background noise from your home will not disturb the people on the call, and they will be able to hear the speak more clearly.
  • Use your body language even when you are in a video call. Nodding and smiling are key to a good video meeting, as by doing this, you are giving visual feedback to the speaker. You can also use thumbs up gesture when you agree with some statements.
  • Like with face to face meetings, time goes really fast. So make sure to have a clear agenda for the meeting so that everybody is well prepared and can use their time affectively.
  • If you are planning for several hours of video meetings, please make sure to plan the agenda with proper short breaks so that people can to to refresh themselves, have a cup of coffee and come back energised to the video meeting.