The IT asset lifecycle is the sequence of stages that an organisation’s information technology asset goes through during the time span of its ownership.

Benefits of a good IT Assets Lifecycle Management Solution

  • Forecast your needs better
  • Make informed purchasing decisions
  • Be proactive when it comes to replenishing resources
  • Improve the quality of IT services
  • Know the current status of an asset: In Use, In Transit, Missing, In Stock, Retired

AXSAR Solo CRM now supports IT Assets Lifecycle Management.

  • Create / update assets
  • Search assets & filter them by asset type or status.
  • Attach file to a assets
  • Add comments
  • Forward any asset related emails to an asset specific email inbox. Email contents will be attached to the Asset, so that you have full traceability regarding asset related email exchanges with different suppliers.
IT Assets Search in AXSAR Solo
IT Assets View in AXSAR Solo CRM