Support Inbox for help desk tickets (external customer support) and service desk tickets (internal team support)

Each account in AXSAR Solo gets a unique support email inbox.

For example, support- 2347zd0p1@solo.

A company can use this as a support inbox, or use their existing support inbox (e.g., and forward emails to the above inbox.

For each received email on the above inbox, AXSAR Solo will create a help desk ticket, and it will be available under ‘Service’ feature.Email subject will become the Ticket name, and email body will become Ticket details. All email attachments will be created as Files in AXSAR Solo and attached to the ticket. All received files will be also fully searchable in the ‘Files’ feature.

Replying to Help desk / Service Desk tickets

Users can reply to help desk tickets within AXSAR Solo.

Email will be sent to the person who created the ticket, and also saved in the feed.

If the customer replies back, his/her response will also automatically get saved in the feed. In such customer communications, ‘Reply To’ value in the emails sent will be something like support+l34SjcJH56QvKPSLWu7dyK@2347zd0p1.  where l34SjcJH56QvKPSLWu7dyK is the ticket id.

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