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Accounts and Contacts Management

Complete overview of all your accounts and contacts, addresses, phone numbers, websites, social media accounts and e-mail addresses.

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Sales Pipelines Management

Track your sales all the way through the funnel, from lead to contact and offer to the final sale, contract management, and invoicing

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Help Desk & Service Desk Management

Use it for both external help desk tickets, and internal service desk tickets. Track, prioritise, assign tickets to drive help desk and service desk efficiency. Streamline all your customer conversations in one place.

Invoices and Proposals

Send professional invoices and proposals in minutes. Use existing CRM data to pre-fill data.

Manage Projects and Tasks

Create tasks for whatever needs to get done. It will help keep you organised so you can stay focused. Track tasks on a visual board.

Painless Time Tracking

Track your time painlessly, and add yet to be invoiced timesheets to Invoices effortlessly.

Wiki/Notes Management

Create project notes/wiki pages using a rich text editor, add images and files, and link notes to Projects, Accounts or Contacts.

Files Management

Add files, and share them with the clients or internal team members effortlessly. Any files added in Help/Service Desks, Deals, Contracts or Assets are easily searchable using our super fast search engine.

Track Activities

You can simply track all meetings, calls, lunches, deadlines against Accounts, Contacts, Deals, Tickets or Tasks. Stay on top of every activity!

Contracts and Assets Managements

View all the assets and contracts used by your business in a single pane, and see details like its type, location, and the person using it, or track when contracts are expiring.

Create Diagrams

Elevate your perspective. Diagram anything—ideas, information, and processes—to drive better decisions in every area of your business.

Really great idea and solving a real problem, I really like the idea of having it all in one place.
YC Startup School Founder

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  • Accounts/Contacts
  • Sales & Service
  • Contracts & Assets
  • Invoices and Proposals
  • Projects, Tasks, and Timesheets
  • Wiki/Notes, Todo Lists
  • Files and Diagrams
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