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Axsar Contracts

Contract Management – Old Way vs New Way


Old Way

– Contracts are stored in file folders.
– Contracts are tracked in Excel sheets.
– No tagging available.
– Use multiple eSignature solutions.
– Pay per signature fee.
– Pay per user accounts.

– Difficult to find contracts.
– No way to access them on mobile.
– No notifications on expiring contracts.
– Easy to miss contract expirations.
– Easy to miss contract auto renewals.
– Paying multiple vendors for Digital Signatures and Contract Management.


New Way

– Contracts are stored in a centralised repository.
– Contracts can be tagged with any values that make sense to you and used in easy search and filtering.
Chat with existing & new contracts using Gen AI for review and analysis
– Contracts can be tracked on a visual board.
– Send contracts for digital signatures using the same system.
– No separate charge per signature.
– Just forward your existing contracts to a specific email inbox, and contracts will be automatically uploaded in the system.

– Super easy to find contracts with blazing fast search.
– Access your contracts on web, iOS and Android with the same user experience.
– Notifications on expiring contracts so you never miss any contracts.
– Simple pricing.
– Same system for contract creation and contract management.
– Very easy to import existing contracts for tracking.

Use Cases

  • Legal
    • Contract creation, contract negotiation and approval, setting up template libraries, storing existing contracts, records retention and searching contracts are essential for legal teams.
  • Sales
    • This use case focused on the needs of sales stakeholders. Requesting a contract and searching existing contracts are key to sales stakeholders. Sales contracts are often also known as sell-side contracts.
  • Procurement
    • This use case is characterized by the priorities of procurement in the contract management process. Key capabilities needed by procurement organizations include searching contracts, updating and renewing contracts, manage contract requests, and store supplier contracts. Procurement contracts are often also referred to as buy-side contracts.
  • Enterprise
    • A use case focused on managing multiple contract types across the enterprise, including both buy-side (supplier), sell-side (customer) contracts and other contracts such employment contracts. It supports collaboration among key stakeholders, including procurement, sales and legal

According to 2021 EY Law Survey, 57% of business development leaders say that contracting inefficiencies have slowed revenue recognition.


80% of businesses struggle to find their contracts

According to the Global Contract Management Association – IACCM – more than 80 percent of businesses struggle to simply find their contracts. Nine percent of revenue leaks annually (per McKinsey & Co) and 40% of contract value is lost (per KPMG), all due to poor contract management.

According to Gartner, 60 to 80% of B2B deals are now managed through contracts. This means that breach of contract or missing deadlines not only results in a loss of revenue, but also damages a brand’s image.

Let us enable your business with full Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution.

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Powerful Contract Repository

Single Source of Truth
Stop wasting your time looking for contracts across shared drives and emails. Axsar Contracts manages all your contracts along with key meta data, drafts, attachments, and emails into one place.

Link Related Documents
Link amendments, addendums, orders, master agreements, and any other related contracts together so that you can see the entirety of a deal in one place.

Store Files and Attachments
To effectively track a contract’s related documents, you can store any related files and attachments in Axsar Contracts alongside each contract.

Upload Contracts by Email
Easily add contracts to Axsar Contracts from your inbox by forwarding an email to your Axsar Contracts specific email address.

Chat with Contracts using Gen AI
Use Gen AI chat with your contracts, ask critical questions about specific sections and boost efficiency & productivity.

Seamless Digital Signature Tool

Sign and Send Contracts
Go ink and paper-free with an electronic signature, and watch your savings, revenue, and productivity grow. Axsar Contracts is a seamless digital signature solution that you have been always wishing for. Draft new contracts, sign them and them to others to collect signatures. Once the contract is signed, we generate a PDF version of the contract along with its full audit history (who viewed/signed at what time and from which IP address) and send it to all signees.

Digitally e-Sealed Contracts
Any new contracts signed using Axsar Contracts will be digitally e-sealed with Axsar Ltd digital certificate (only available on paid plans). It means that when you open the contract PDF (generated by Axsar Contracts after all signees have signed) in Adobe Reader, it will show the ‘Signature Panel’ and that it has been digitally sealed by Axsar Ltd and validate its authenticity. Once a document has been e-sealed, the contents cannot be tampered with. After this, any modifications to the PDF will be detected by Adobe Reader. 

A seal on a document certifies the integrity and origin of documents. An electronic seal, or e-seal, is like a digital version of a seal stamped onto paper documents. It still serves the same function; it’s simply been upgraded for use on digital documents.

Contract Templates
Create most common legal contracts with placeholders as Templates. Use templates to create new contracts at blazing fast speed.

Powerful Search

Instantly find contracts with fast and intuitive search. Stop wasting time browsing through shared drives and folders. Filter by type, contract owner or different custom tags.

Activities, Reminders and Alerts

Never miss a deadline again
Axsar Contracts keeps track of critical expiry dates in your contracts and alerts your team of upcoming events.

Track Expirations
Axsar Contracts  tracks upcoming expirations and notifies you well in advance.
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Track all key activities related with contracts on a calendar and assign activities to team members.

Email Alerts to Keep You Aware
Axsar Contracts sends you email reminders well ahead of key expiry dates so that you never miss a critical deadline again. 

Easy Permissions Management

Manage users and permissions with ease.

Invite Users
Invite as many users as per your selected plan to use and access Axsar Contracts.


Enterprise Grade Security
We use strong encryption, and certified Google powered data-centres.

Infrastructure Security
We host your data in ISO 27001 certified data centres that provide SOC 1, 2, and 3 reports, physical safeguards, redundant networking and power, and 24/7 professional security staff.

Strong Encryption
Your data is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard at rest. All connections are secured using TLS with 256-bit encryption.

Chat with contracts using Gen AI
Ask critical questions for review and analysis
Boost productivity and efficiency!

Contract Pipelines

Digitally e-Sealed Contracts

Create custom checklist and add them to contracts,
tasks or files
Settings > Customisation > Checklist Templates

Create Custom List of Values
(Contract Types, Departments, Task Status, Task Categories)

Create Custom Fields
(text, date, dropdown, number)
Settings > Customisation > Custom Fields

It is super fast and easy. Start creating new contracts now and send them to signees for quick signatures.

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Never miss any expiring contracts. We will send you daily notifications about expiring contracts 30 days in advance.

2 months off when you subscribe to a yearly plan.
Free trial doesn’t require a credit card.



Simple pricing. 5 users included

No credit card required.

What people are saying

Y-Combinator Startup School Founder

Really great idea and solving a real problem, I really like the idea of having it all in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Axsar Contracts?

Axsar Contracts is simple Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution that allows you to manage existing contracts and electronically request and add legally binding digital signatures, from new hire agreements to loans, to NDAs. Axsar Contracts is available in an intuitive web interface, and also as an iOS and Android mobile app so you can seamlessy access your contracts in any device.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime no questions are asked while you cancel but we would highly appreciate if you will give us some feedback.

What is a template?

Templates are re-usable contracts, best used for commonly used forms like NDAs, Offer Letters, or Sales Agreements. Set them up once, save them as templates, and reuse the next time you need to create a new contract.

How are subscription payments handled?

We use Lemon Squeezy LLC to handle all web based subscriptions and it also acts as Merchant of Record.

How to request a signature?

First, create a new contract (ideally using an existing template), add Parties engaged in the contract, add/modify legal text, and add Signees for the contract along with their email address. Then click Send Contract for digital signatures. Once all Signees have digitally signed the contract, all will receive an email about contract completion and a PDF copy of the contract as an attachment.

How do I sign up for a free trial?

To sign up for a free trial of Axsar Contracts, just create a new account. You will be automatically given a 14 days free trial (no credit card required).

Axsar Contracts –Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution for your business.